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5 Million records (w/phones, emails): Collected from several individuals/consumers in Australia, from verticals such as: Debt, Weight Loss, Cell Phone Sales/Accessories, and Sweepstakes/Giveaways!

It's very RARE, but BLESSED when there's 5 Million records of this kind of data. Whether it's for PHONES or EMAIL, you really get a nice PIECE that represents a NEW frontier for NEW PROFITS! Australia, the Island Nation worth swimming on shore for its outrageous outback barbequeing, kangaroos in the wild, and in some areas: a 12-to-1 female to male pop. ratio! Take a look at a screenshot here!

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Check out a screenshot!


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AUSTRALIA 5m - $500

REACH 5 Million Australia Consumers for just $500! Get this and get on your way to expanding with Australia, a country with stable currency and consumer demand!!! Just 500$ for all 5 million records Please Contact us NOW!

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