MARCH 17th, 2017: A Special + Unique B2B Collection to check out !

MARCH 16th, 2017: A FRESH SUPPLY of 600K Worth of Payday LONG FORM has come in. Like a drink of cool water in the desert !

MARCH 11th, 2017: A very intersting and Data-Filled Collection of Databases related to NAUGHTYAMERICA; XXX/ADULT-related Data !

MARCH 11th, 2017: The HUGE Database of 78M DEDUPED Russian Records w/Emails ! Check it out !!
MARCH 9th, 2017:
The DataBase could change the way you get FRESH emails !!! Check it out !!

MARCH 7th, 2017: This UNIQUE Database is a Banking-related Database with just over 1 million records. Check it out !

MARCH 7th, 2017: This NEW/FRESH Connects Colleciton is a STRONG and HEALTHY one: filled with RECENT New Landline Subscribers, and is MASSIVE !

FEBRUARY 27th, 2017: Very STRONG very CLEAN B2B Database: 28Million cleaned WELL. Check it out.

FEBRUARY 23rd, 2017: A Very Impressive TRAVEL/TIMESHARE Collection 27M+ with Phones AND EMAILS this time !!!

FEBRUARY 23rd, 2017: A Very much Needed and overdue FAR-REACHING UK Collection - Many niches, and samples for everything! Check it out here !

FEBRUARY 11th, 2017: A Very interesting "Home-Grown" B2B Database with LinkedIN info as well as a special B2B LIVE/Daily Feed Source collection from the beginning of the year to now !

FEBRUARY 3rd, 2017: 4 NICE-LOOKING New Feed Sources/Databases Available: Check it out here!
JANUARY 12th, 2017: 7 INCREDIBLE new Feed sources just became available! BIG BOY stuff here!

DECEMBER 30th, 2016: Two (2) Slots available for the TNT + w/HighEnd/ Feed for the 1st Week of the year: TNT PLUS Feed

DECEMBER 16th, 2016: Due to increased demand, the price for the TNT PLUS Feed has been adjusted accordingly

DECEMBER 12th, 2016: Praise the _____ ! The TNT PLUS Feed is back with /HighEnd/- check it out !

DECEMBER 8th, 2016: Here is a group of TCPA Compliant, NCOA and CASS-Certified BIG Databases: updated as of OCTOBER this year.... They're still coming in, and screenshots/PICs will be made readily available ASAP !

*GREAT NEWS: Recent CLEANED data (about 2.5M+ records), and another OPTIN COMPIANT data source MAF/MyAmazingFormula has come in! VERY EXCITING source, considering MOST people thought MAF was dead... Turns out it wasn't dead... it was just privatized/"hidden from the main feed collectors since the beginning of this year" and the owners charged an exorbitant amount of money for the leads, since they gained much more strength in not being as widely distributed. A GOOD couple of past months worth of this COMPLIANT Feed can really TURN things around for a LOT of people... especially combined with already CLEANED data from my BEST CLEANER!

ALSO: 3.8M+ Additional CEO/CFO leads have been extracted from more recent databases. Please contact us for more info about this discovery and a sample.

I'm taking a new approach with something right now in the NAME of HELPING "Victims" of PayPal or related merchant SCAMMING. I know it's a HUGE DEAL... REALLY: I DO! Please visit this page for more info....

OCTOBER 26, 2016: GAME CHANGER Consumer Database. 276Million records w/373 collumns represent a HUGE portion of the entire USA population. Take a look.

OCTOBER 14th, 2016:

*WE HAVE VOTERS DATA IN*** We have recently gathered 5Million Registered Voter records, FRESH from within the past 30 to 60 days ! Check em' out here.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016: Become an expert email marketing sniper/soldier with *HOT* FRESH Canada Consumers. GREAT 4 Dialing for Call Centers/Phone Rooms: Pick 'em OFF 1 by 1 until you've gone through the ENTIRE Database here. These Canada Consumers are virgin fresh and should be a real GREAT Database for reaching ALL kinds of niches. Check it out- it's the HOTTEST thing 4 CANADA for a while!

SEPTEMBER 24th, 2016: Check out this BRAND NEW set of CLEANED DATA ! Fresh in for LATE SEPTEMBER !!!

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2016: Check out these BRAND NEW Custom Specialty OPT-IN Databases: 1.4M Total split between 4 Separate and UNIQUE Files !!!

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2016: Check out these 414K+ Verified Infomercial BUYERs !!!

SEPTEMBER 17th, 2016: Check out this Professionally-Cleaned (.ZIP file format) EDU Collection of 888K Total Cleaned Records !!!

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016: There's a 200K Record GERMAN Consumer Database which is just BEGGING to be looked at !!!
SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016:
There's a GREAT EXCLUSIVE set of SOLAR RECORDS dated MID-MAY this year which has just been brought to light. Only 200$ takes all new 60K LONG FORM Records !

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016: There's a NICE SET of PC and MAC Tech Support Data available! Lots of Databases! Check it out!

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016: There's also just beginning a daily feed of 100% PHONE VERIFIED Payday SHORT Forms available: 120K daily ! Check it out!

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016: There's a nice 2 Million Big Money Spenders CELL Database available. Check it out!

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2016: There is 730K BUYERs records mostly for the USA, but with some CANADA mixed in also. Check it out!

SEPTEMBER 12th, 2016: Forget the can opener, check out these mixed domain OPENERS. There's 16Million mixed openers, and 4.6m and 1.7m YAHOO ONLY OPENERS.

AUGUST 29th, 2016: Keep your campaign HEALTHY with these 200K LONG FORM and less than 1 week-old HEALTH INSURANCE leads !!!

AUGUST 28th, 2016: Unexpected and generous portion of recent Student Loan records: over 2M+ available !

AUGUST 28th, 2016: Nice amount of RARE Tech Support (PC + MAC) Data available: 570K records !!

AUGUST 27th, 2016: PayDay LONG Forms (3.8 Million+) Available covering JULY ! Check out this HUGE collection !!!

AUGUST 26th, 2016: Check out this CANADA HOME OWNER's Database for area codes: (905) + (416). Check it out !!!

AUGUST 26th, 2016: Check out this GREAT NEW FRESH AUSTRALIAN HOME-OWNER DATA here ! Over 400K+ Records !!!

AUGUST 25th, 2016: Check out this HUGE (PRICED to $ELL) D&B 26.3 Million record USA-Based B2B Database !!

AUGUST 19th, 2016: Check out this CUSTOM GI Collection which I've gathered from ALL the BIGGEST recent Databases... [w/E]

AUGUST 18th, 2016: Took a Vacation down to DISNEY (ORLANDO, FLORIDA) this year... HAPPY HARRY POTTER exhibit/ride was ALL pretty GOOD and you can BUY Switch-blades over the counter too (the GOOD ones that SHOOT out the end in the front, and the variety that flip around from the side too) !!!

(Click to ENLARGE)...

JUST IN: For you GMAIL Mailers, there is 3.8 Million De-Duped records available from a 17.7 Million World-Wide taken from the entire WHOIS Database

The DAILY/LIVE FEED Continues to GROW... 10.5M+ De-Duped records since JULY 17th to current date: AUG 7th. Un-duped, there was a total of over 32.8 Million records !!! So, it's always GOOD to De-Dupe your records and find out what you have... In retrospect, I think a LOT if not MOST of the dupes come from the fact the the "ALL-LIVE-SOURCES" source is a compilation of all the other sources thrown together... so obviously adding it together on a list with all the other sources is gonna generate 1:to:1 dupe rate... PRETTY HIGH!... So, as I think that is the case, I will say that this feed is very CLEAN, and it mails like a DREAM ;-!

*ALSO JUST IN: There's a 50Million record recent CELL PHONE Database that might interest a few of you out there...

*ALSO, check out how WELL the "WEEKLY" Feed (It's actually delivered 7X/week, 7 days a week, and as you can see from the site page here, has a pretty SOLID record as far as the counts go for each different category...

AUGUST 3, 2016: We have worked hard to put together this new UK B2B collection of 4.5M+ Records and separated and organized by county/districts ! Click Here

ALSO: LONG FORM Diabetics: 940K Available, check out more here [w/P+E]

WEEKLY FEED just started..... 7-20-2016 !!! Check it out... Ask us questions!!!



FRESH NEW CONNECTS for JUNE: a whole 1.6M+ Records [w/E+P]

ALSO: NATION-WIDE CHURCHES Database with FULL info and 169K Records [w/E+P+W]


ALSO: A HUGE 2016 WHITEPAGES Consumer Database with 139M records [w/P]
NOW: A HUGE Consumer Database with email and phone appends: 204 Million+ [w/E+P]

*JUST IN: CEO/CFO Extracts Collection available 2.6M+ Records (+NEW 1.3M+) = 4.0M+ Records [w/E+P]



JUST IN: 1M Updated in-house GERMAN CONSUMER Database [w/E+P]

*GREAT NEW FOOTAGE of the decimation of a Glass Yoo-HOO Bottle faced against my chopper/6-round burst.
Third volley of 6 round burst decimates and totally shatters the glass bottle. Very nice work and help from my camera man... !!! !!

FRESH IN: MAY2016 Specially Targeted SOLAR Database [w/E+P]

FRESH IN: MAR2016 PayDay LONG FORMs: 2M+ records [w/E+P]

FRESH IN: Home-GROWN UNIQUE Consumer Collection definitely WORTH taking a LOOK at!

JUST IN: TIME 4 MAY CLEANED SPECIALTY Data!!! There's over 5 Million CLEANED records here... Check it out!!!

*2Million FRESH CONNECTS just in today!

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SITE INDEX/LAYOUT/DATA CATEGORIES: [KEY = w/E, w/P, w/E+P (with/Emails and/or Phones)]

1) *NEWEST* Releases - ALL the latest acquired Databases

2) DATA FEEDS: LIVE/DAILY feeds and Backdata for other BIG Feeds we have and have had in the past:


4) USA-Based B2B/Consumer Databases

5) CELL PHONE based Databases/Landline Databases (USA Mostly)



6) Special Niche Data: from Sweepstakes to Binary Options/Forex Trading to Payday and ALL others!

7) GI Data - cleaned and un-cleaned

8) Specialty Databases - BUYERs Databases and various special Synthetic Opt-in Databases

  1. 7K WorldWide (mostly European) HEDGE FUND Managers
  2. 3K WorldWide HEDGE FUND Buyers
  3. NEW Special WorldWide BUYERs database 70K SUPER FILLED records
  4. Mariott 120K TimeShare Sep 2015 member database
  5. Germany 90K recent consumer database
  6. FICO Mortgage Leads 65K
  7. CEO and CFO Business Leads available in a few different sets