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Custom Programming Solutions

Our speciality is in providing custom solutions to certain problems shared by Internet Marketers. When there is a need for automation, or a totally new technique, we will code an application to handle it. Over the years, we have coded certain projects such as:

1) a "Dark Mailer" clone,

2) Email Extractor (for stripping email addresses from files containing mixed data and email addresses),

3) and a Yahoo Instant Messenger BOT.

If you have a request, we can help you deal with it! Just ask us! Contact!


CA$H XPLOSION PAYDAY is here! 500K and 10M+ USA and 100K UK LONG FORM Payday Databases available now!



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GRAB BAG collection available online now, just ask me for it. A special opportunity for some of you to reach VERY different demographics with the Premium ACTIVES Data: CANADA, France, Germany, Spain, and MUCH in demand Middle Eastern/Arab countries!


There's a new END of the YEAR 2013 SCRUBBED USA B2B database with 10.9 Million records! This is a PERFECT database filled with GREAT Business/Company info with lots of data fields to work with.


TNT and FB Feeds are going STRONG as ever, with new updated web pages: TNT and FB. Also, check out the SWEEPSTAKES and INTERNATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES pages! Also, I have been working on collections of GI Data with FBOOK verification.



Just in: the collection of the YEAR! Freshly SCRUBBED for your marketing pleasure:

CLEANED Opener/Clicker Collection! Another MUST-SEE!