ALSO: A HUGE 2016 WHITEPAGES Consumer Database with 139M records [w/P]
NOW: A HUGE Consumer Database with email and phone appends: 160 Million+ [w/E+P]

*JUST IN: CEO/CFO Extracts Collection available 2.6M+ Records [w/E+P]



JUST IN: 1M Updated in-house GERMAN CONSUMER Database [w/E+P]

*GREAT NEW FOOTAGE of the decimation of a Glass Yoo-HOO Bottle faced against my chopper/6-round burst.
Third volley of 6 round burst decimates and totally shatters the glass bottle. Very nice work and help from my camera man... !!! !!

FRESH IN: MAY2016 Specially Targeted SOLAR Database [w/E+P]

FRESH IN: MAR2016 PayDay LONG FORMs: 2M+ records [w/E+P]

FRESH IN: Home-GROWN UNIQUE Consumer Collection definitely WORTH taking a LOOK at!

JUST IN: TIME 4 MAY CLEANED SPECIALTY Data!!! There's over 5 Million CLEANED records here... Check it out!!!

AS PROMISED.... an article ( , or more of a report on an article you might find intersting about one of our Founding Fathers of computers, none other than Bill Gates himself, and a media attack/prank on him from a PIE-SLINGING PRANKSTER, one that Microsoft hasn't promoted i'm sure... Click on the pic to see the entire YOUTUBE video of it... much better quality than the badly shaded animated .GIF i've got which is only a few frames even... The youtube video will show you everything frame by frame before, during, and after the attack (about 60 seconds of film):


*2Million FRESH CONNECTS just in today!

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*For your Reading Entertainment: An article I recently had Published on LinkedIN about Steve Jobs, and some of the lesser known,
but very sad things he has done concerning his family and the way he was known to press and push others:

*Next month: An article about the only other Kingpin in the whole computer Industry: none other than Bill Gates and MICRO$OFT / M$

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1) *NEWEST* Releases - ALL the latest acquired Databases

2) DATA FEEDS: LIVE/DAILY feeds and Backdata for other BIG Feeds we have and have had in the past:


4) USA-Based B2B/Consumer Databases

5) CELL PHONE based Databases/Landline Databases (USA Mostly)



6) Special Niche Data: from Sweepstakes to Binary Options/Forex Trading to Payday and ALL others!

7) GI Data - cleaned and un-cleaned

8) Specialty Databases - BUYERs Databases and various special Synthetic Opt-in Databases

  1. 7K WorldWide (mostly European) HEDGE FUND Managers
  2. 3K WorldWide HEDGE FUND Buyers
  3. NEW Special WorldWide BUYERs database 70K SUPER FILLED records
  4. Mariott 120K TimeShare Sep 2015 member database
  5. Germany 90K recent consumer database
  6. FICO Mortgage Leads 65K
  7. CEO and CFO Business Leads available in a few different sets