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Why don't you ask your __(congressman?)_______ about these Chem-trails and how they are supposed to help protect us against all the recent Hurricanes right now. Do you even know WHO to "ask"? IS there someone to even ASK about this ??? Or is it being done without our consent and without us hardly knowing it's going on. If you watch TV shows or movies from 2007 and even back to 2005, when they show outdoor scenes, they can't hide the polluted Skylines over wherever they were filming. Chemtrails are all over movies and shows from this era: mid 2000's...

And is there REALLY someone/anyone to ask about it? They're just NOW admitting what we've KNOWN for years. They're spraying us, and of course still not telling us what that all consists of yet: All the potential heavy metals and aluminum oxides... How can people care about being healthy and trying to "Eat Good nutrition" when we cant't even control what we breathe in the air ? Even more devious is the fact that what they spray is so small: miscroscopic almost that the scientists really have NO idea what the long term effects of this can be. But already across the world, Alzheimer's is on the RISE like an Epidemic, and so is AUTISM. ASTHMA, and other respiratory problems and ADD/ADDHD like never seen before due to the effects of these Chemtrails and also Cell(5G Death) Towers effects on the developmental stage and brain of our young children.

It's weather modification (Chemtrails), as Harvard discloses:

It's no longer being called a "conspiracy theory", and these LONG trails in the sky are not from regular "Contrails", as harvard explains no more than necessary of what's being dumped on us all. GOD save the planet !

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