11.20.2015 - STOP "Corpse-Marketing" and get your advertising message INBOXED where someone LIVING will read it! Here's a GOOD Post I had Published on LinkedIN over this week... a GOOD read:

11.8.2015 - THIS collection will FOREVER CHANGE the way people look to D4M for Data! I am proud to present the BIGGEST GI/OPENER/CLICKER collection EVER. While those other conceited hammy-ass brokers get so HYPED over their once-a-month 1.1M Openers... Oh!!! ...and maybe they got 300K or 400K clickers to go along with it too! WOW! You ain't seen NOTHIN. ...until you've seen the MONSTER COLLECTION here!

11.6.2015 - You will never believe how SOLID this CLEANED+SCRUBBED collection is from the past few months.... 98% deliverability (*as TESTED) !!! And there are 8.5 Million records Total!

11.4.2015 - Are you looking for unexplored optin territory? Then here's what you've been waiting for: spceial MID-FORM Consumer data with CELL, DOB, EMPLOYER, etc... 5.5Million available!!! Go where no one has gone yet!

10.23.2015 - The BEST in "Synthetic Optin" and regular Optin! My PERSONAL VOTE would be in the following newly acquired databases:


10.16.2015 - The TNT PLUS Feed is doing RATHER NICE LATELY.... /HighEnd/ is and always has been 90%+ Del.Rate, leaving so many other sources to explore! No one has a Feed w/as many sources as WE DO!!!

10.16.2015 - Decided to CLEAN UP the INDEX page here... as it's just FULL of so much info covering the past year. I'll leave the links together at the bottom somewhere in the OLD LINKS section ;-!





The Internet: relatively young compared to other communication mediums, it's quickly becoming the World's Favorite CURRENT + PAST-TIME activity/______. "Selfie's are on the RISE, and everyone has discovered the addictiveness of YouTube, FaceBook, and "APPS" are now the new 'conversation piece/topic' in small-talk. Lots of vulnerabilities in most of these unregulated APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Development Kits) which are used to construct these thousands of new APPs! Most APPS are FREE-WARE, made in someone's basement (or a top level room in the house if lucky :) Safeguard your privacy the easiest way possible: VPN is the easy ANSWER!