09.28.2015 - Hey guys, i'm working on upgrading/updating the SENDING ENGINE in the OPTISEND mailer I have: - a BETTER CLONE than Dark Mailer, and like an old classic car, all it needs dropped in it is a new ENGINE ! Check out the different GUI themes I had for it, I think i'll go with the second idea over an admittedly stupid and regrettable waste of time trying to make a "Smoker"-themed GUI for it which was a failure. I couldn't even capture exactly what I meant to in building this alternate GUI.... it looks too amaeturish and is lacking in any other unique features, which so far the one I had in mind is not going to be available for it- this is a STRAIGHT UPGRADE of the ENTIRE sending engine, using a new technique/method which of course will need testing... but, the GOOD NEWS is that it's pretty solid, unique, and has already seen it's use in a very SMALL percentage (some have never receieved BULK mails from this method ever since it's very rare. If I had to guess, these smaller sized sends are done with scripts/macros, etc.... and that's where I will come in to capture and code the method used right into the mailer's upgraded sending engine. There will need to be a bit of testing done on this specific mailing method to find the upper limits of what it can do (per IP address before blacklisting comes into play); since it's an altogether new method of doing this, and up to this point it's really only been seen briefly from SPAM kiddies using the method thru scripts or Visual Basic SOUPER-cheaply designed apps, i'm sure there hasn't been much wide-spread testing with it.

09.18.2015 - We are proud to bring you some Hand-Written Sweeps leads, and more !


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08.21.2015 - Here's the MAN shooting all those ROUNDS and servicing ALL the clients on this site. Click each one of the pictures below to pull up a recent shooting video. My personal favorite is the IMG_1996.MOV file (local to our website, as I had difficulties uploading this one to YOUTUBE 4 sum unknown reason) - the IMG_1996.MOV file is linked to the first PIC on the bottom left (Black and Blue-tipped hat) !


08.16.2015 - Check out these HOT NEW OPENERS. Like NO other OPENERS ALL YEAR. The EXPENSIVE source it was obtained from guarantees to SHOW you something sensational! These are ARMOR-PIERCING / SPAM-FILTER PIERCING (AP/SP) rounds for the most competent Email Marketing Sniper here !

08.05.2015 - Check out ALL the different collections of emails we have gathered from the most recent 30 or so databases and feed sources, and also a youtube sensation! It's easily an Email Sniper's BEST Ammunition! It's what we call an Instant WINNER !!!

08.05.2015 - NEW and FRESH STUDENT LOAN leads 4 those who need them !

08.05.2015 - There's new MEDICARE leads just in! This is a NEW one here !

08.05.2015 - Find out about the new "DEBT" Data from 2015: mixed dates from this year, and in a SUPER GOOD deliverable mood 4 you ;-!

08.04.2015 - Data4Marketers has come thru with TRUE AUTHENTIC Middle-Eastern Email Marketing data! Check it out here!

08.01.2015 - Data4Marketers has TRULY once again brought value to Email and Telemarketers World-Wide with a US-Based Consumer Collection so BIG and MASSIVE, it's stored and compressed as a RARed up collective size of 17GB+ worth (un-compressed.... go figure...) There is SO MUCH represented here (with over 350+ fields), and the kind of pin-pointed precision targteting you can do with it makes it such a valuable tool in directly acquiring sales leads and/or potential clients; maybe offer them some kind of incentive to join your mailing list! As with most HUGE Muti-Hundred-Million Record Databases, this one also has every piece of record information imagineable such as ethnicity, home-owner status, smoker, drinker, household income, etcchildren?, comes with home, cell, work phones, but JUST LIKE ALL the other "GIANTS" in the Database Universe, doesn't orignally come with Email Addresses, which is something that still baffles me as a Data Broker, even in all the years i've been in this industry. However, Data4Marketers is here to offer REAL Solutions to any kind of problems or issues that may ever come up, and we have gotten work done with it to add Email Addresses through a process known as "Appending." Now, originally there was about 36million Emails which would have matched with the various records in the entire 220 Million size Monster. However, after closer inspection, it was found that only about 17 Million of these Appended Email Addresses were GOOD ones: not found on certain Suppression Lists (problem complainers/"screamers" or even direct Spam-Haus honeypots or Spam Traps! So, after a somewhat week and a half of cleanup, it's now safe to be released to Marketers (in the Telemarketing _and_ Email-Marketing WORLD).

07.17.2015 - We have been panning 4 Gold in BUYERs Data records, and have found a SHINY GOLDEN NUGGET of 400K World-Wide records complete with PayMethod, PHONES (International w/Country-code), emails, and much other INFO. This is the BEST BUYERs data known to Internet Marketers right now. Please check it out, complete with screenshots of the Database, it's special format, Stats from testing the Deliverability/CLEAN Rate, and way MORE! We got this BUYERs Database STRAIGHT from the source: the SQL server which was hosting it. ...And, because this is UNIQUELY available ONLY from us here at D4M, we can offer TRUE EXCLUSIVITY and PLACEMENT on this Database. Check it out here.

07.11.2015 - BEST NEWS ALL MONTH! The UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY of consumer has been FOUND in a BRAND NEW to ALL DATA FEED in the Special K FEED!

07.07.2015 - GREAT NEWS about the new LIFE INSURANCE DATA. It's been tested and ready for some serious USAGE! PHONES + EMAILS have INCREDIBLY GOOD connectivity!

06.17.2015 - We have BUYERs DATA! ...But this time in the form of B2B/Business/Company BUYERs of certain goods or importers of certain things, etc... Take a look at the page!

06.17.2015 - An O/C collection (different than ours) with GREAT DEL. RATE% ! Check it out here!

06.17.2015 - And the BEAT MOVES ON... There is a special collection of the MOST recent and valid 5M+ LONG forms (prettiest too) we've had to offer for quite a while!

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05.26.2015 - PRAISES! AT LAST! The Cleaned GI Collection of the YEAR is here! and 10 MILLION STRONG!

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05.05.2015 - It's the LONG-AWAITED NEW and FRESH 2015 USA Business Database! 14m+ records! A MUST-SEE!

04.24.2015 - It might as well B' XMAS time!!! Cleaned GIs (or try *THIS LINK) from MY in-house SUPER-set are in: 19.5mil+ taken
from 160mil+ GIs/Small Domains ONLY, not even major cables)

04.11.2015 - SO many GREAT Specials for APRIL this month!!! *A MUSE SEE!!!
03.13.2015 - REMIX/Return of a CLASSIC: TNT+(Plus) COMPLETE Coreg and OptIN Feed

03.11.2015 - Here's the 3rd installment of "GRAB-BAG": a SUPER HUGE set of databases flavored with a World-Wide scope.

03.07.2015 - New Opener/Clicker Feed: delivered daily(5x/week) 100k->120K Openers, 10k-15K Clickers ($150/week, $400/mo)


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01.27.2015 - 5.4 MILLION LONG FORMS: Complete DETALS as you have come to expect... Check out a small couple of sample files upon request: contact us!

We've got some KILER end of the year 2014 LONGs in right now: 5.3 MILLION is the count. READY this page here for more info: PAYDAY LONGS 4th Quarter 2014.+





Check out the LIVE/DAILY USA BASED Coreg Sources we have COMING IN STRONG right now....! You shouldn't MISS this... I've seen compeitiors charge 6X what I ask here on a 30 days SUB (with BACK DATA 2yrs+ and ALL...) This is DEFINITELY one of those offers that will show you what kind of CHEAP, REASONABLE, PRICES we are made of, and the kind of Generous Broker I AM: ALWAYS have been, and ALWAYS will be!



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WHAT does it take to make $ALES, OPENs, CLICKs.... ? It takes TOP-SHELF "VIRGIN" BUYERS data... Because what's needed are CONFIRMED BUYERS (they have money, and PROVE that by the extensive formats we have available. We are ALL the time getting MORE BUYERS data, as it's the MOST RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE data type we have right now. ALL emails are deliverable/verified/cleaned, and the couple of telemarketing/call center/phone rooms who have picked some UP can't DENY the SUPER HIGH Connectivity on this BUYERs data! A difference may be: When these BUYERs are expecting a package or item to arrive in the mail from the source they bought from, they give out their REAL email addresses (not disposable/throwaway ones), and they give out other more detailed information like their private numbers, etc... Check out what we've got HERE: you WON'T be dissapointed!





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A special GRAB BAG!... for you Diabetic Marketers out there! This is the BIGGEST set of Diabetic Data i've seen ANYWHERE in one spot! and you know how we love to make NICE GrabBAG Data Sets here!



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Images have been FIXED site-wide! A lot of the GIF/JPGs came up missing on the site for some reason, and they have been recovered.


05.29.2014 introducing this year's official WHITEPAGES database current as of APRIL 2014!



..a GOLD collection of OPTIN DATA from 2013, just being made available from this Publisher in true Second Position style! SIX Months of crispy clean POWERFUL OPTIN covering AUG 13' -> JAN 14': over 20 Million records from verticals like Job Seekers, Payday Loans, Grants, BIZOP, EDU, Debt, Home Improvement Loans! here!


We've got the BIGGEST and BEST B2B DATA collection we've had for YEARS! Dated for APRIL 4th->24th, it's the definition of FRESH!!! There are 100+mil records in several different collections to show you here. Enough said... check out pics, samples, details, etc... all here!



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GRAB BAG collection available online now, just ask me for it. A special opportunity for some of you to reach VERY different demographics with the Premium ACTIVES Data: CANADA, France, Germany, Spain, and MUCH in demand Middle Eastern/Arab countries!


There's a new END of the YEAR 2013 SCRUBBED USA B2B database with 10.9 Million records! This is a PERFECT database filled with GREAT Business/Company info with lots of data fields to work with.


TNT and FB Feeds are going STRONG as ever, with new updated web pages: TNT and FB. Also, check out the SWEEPSTAKES and INTERNATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES pages! Also, I have been working on collections of GI Data with FBOOK verification.



Just in: the collection of the YEAR! Freshly SCRUBBED for your marketing pleasure:

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