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I wanted to offer you 7 VERY unique things as a CATALYST for Generating $$$:

A) The TNT+(PLUS) Feed --- $750 *FULL FEED, $250 for ALL 7 of 8 Feed Sources!

-=SAMPLES for TNT+ PAGE 1 and 2=-
Inline imageInline image

I've "cherry-picked" a GREAT SET of files from the NEW TNT+ (including the "HIGH END" source- you'll absolutely LUV' this, as it's a 24/hr collected and Scrubbed Feed Source!!!)
<a href=>Click here to BROWSE the HUGE TNT+/Plus Feed!</a> (30 days)
...More info on it here: <a href=">Click Here to see the TNT+ Site Page</a> it's 750$/month for ALL sources, but ONLY 250$/month for 7 of it's 8 total sources (excluding the "High End" source)!!! 

B) The O/C Opener Collection Feed (I have the past month worth of it) and can get more ongoing... check the BROWSE link for it below to see it ALL- 400$/month, or just 150$/week

I also got a TLD O/C Opener Clicker Feed:
and heres a day worth of feed (comes 7x/week): 2 DAYS' worth of O/C Files
<a href=>Click here to BROWSE the O/C feed</a> (BROWSE)

*It's likely we will continue this feed in the very near future. The cost is 400$/month for 30 days of daily updates (7 days a week) or just 150$/per week. Read the site page
for more info and counts for the Feed sources.

***BIG*** this PART BELOW is *EVERYTHING/ALL databases from the site: and more importantly: ALSO importantly DEDUPED!!!

C) Also, I ALSO want to show you a MASSIVE 393Million DEDUPED email collection from all the recent databases I have EXTRACTED from the site... 

use this LINK: (30 days) *This is something to be from a total *DEDUPED email collection (from short+LONG form Data) there is 393-Million records, and of these, 165-million are GI/small domain from Consumer and B2B 

Inline imageInline image

Also, check out a BROWSE link on FilesAnywhere ABOVE to see IT!!!! A GI-COLLECTION gathered from OCT/NOV 2014 and also including the new TNT+ FEED from same date going to CURRENT... HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of regular TLDs and GIs (Separated)- there is 393-Million emails total, and 165-Million GIs taken from both B2B and also Consumer (USING the ABSOLUTE BEST TLD Supression List to get the BEST PUREST GIs for mailing! As you can see it's broken down in the BROWSE link for you - GIs/small domains, and also some TLD domains also

D) There's also 90-120GB+ worth of data feed from the past 3-4 years also from the data feeds (STORED on 5 FilesAnywhere accounts ;-)... the BIGGEST SET/COLLECTION anyone I even know of has... --=--=$400 takes ALL=- HUNDRED(S) of MILLIONS - also, there's a part B (FlowerBomb ;-) If you're really after a HUGE BULK of ALL Kinds of data- from LONG FORM Payday (and SHORTS), BUYERS, B2B (USA + Foreign), Diabetic, Foreign Countries consumer and Business Data, and MORE than can be described here.... please ask us for the BROWSE links so you can take a peek! We are talking easily hundreds of millions of records in SO MANY different niche databases, I couldn't start to begin describing what all is here. So please shoot an email and reqest the BROWSE/VIEW links:

Coreg collections (past 1-2-3 yrs):
B2B collections (past 1-2-3 yrs):
B2B on FA4: (BROWSE)
B2B on FA1: (BROWSE)

E) Semi-Aged, but SUPER HIGH QUALITY BUYERS Database.... 1.7mil with records, 1mil+change emails deduped... $200 takes ALL. Here is a JPG/GIF of ALL of the several different BUYER sources:

Inline image
These are CLEANED/VERIFIED records here, and below are a few lines to show what the content of the files look like:

1687,11204,1369714920,,,,Lyn Beck,Lyn,Beck,,active,,,,,,US,,,,,,2,facebook,,,0,,,facebook,confirmed,0,,yes,51a43165ee91a,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1687,11204,1369714920,,,,Desmond Chen,Desmond,Chen,,active,,,,Singapore,,SG,,,,,,2,twitter,,,0,,,twitter,confirmed,0,,yes,51a43184f3555,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1687,11204,1369714920,,,,Kate Shenk,Kate,Shenk,,active,,,,,,,,,,,,2,googleplus,,,0,,,googleplus,confirmed,0,,yes,51a4314c76628,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1687,11204,1369714920,,,,Doris Schröder,Doris,Schröder,,active,female,,,Blonay,,CH,,,,,,2,facebook,,,0,,,facebook,confirmed,0,,yes,51a43180470a2,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1687,11204,1369714920,,,,Joe Miles,Joe,Miles,,active,male,,,Nampa,,US,,,,,,2,facebook,,,0,,,twitter,confirmed,0,,yes,51a4318ae20f6,,,,,,,,,,,,,

F) Also a SHORT FORM Payday and PHONES Source (collected, cleaned/scrubbed over the past 30 days for highest connectivity, responce, and results!) $150 for EACH for 30 days/$250 takes BOTH

SC_DAILY_PAYDAY source: (SHORT form Payday source),Kenneth,Adair,2030 w indian school rd,Phoenix,AZ,85015,6024358403,,,3/24/2015 11:18,,,Deanna,Newell,1592 robinson rd,Starkville,MS,39759,6623389407,,,3/24/2015 17:47,,,George,Frengs,10330 paula ct,Port richey,FL,34668,,,,3/24/2015 0:05,,,Jeff,Hancock,20 orchard dr,Florence,KY,41042,8596476058,,,3/24/2015 13:29,,,Robin,Leclair,611 rosemary ln,Ormond beach,FL,32174,9046738634,,,3/24/2015 20:17,M,8/1/1970,Christy,Huiel,215 beggs ct ne,Marietta,GA,30060,7704806776,,,3/24/2015 1:52,,

SC_DAILY_PHONES source: (GENDER and DOB optional on records),Roman,Zhmurenka,735 avenue a,Bayonne,NJ,7002,2012088956,,,3/3/2015 19:28,M,6/11/1965,GRETCHEN,SCHEIMAN,121 GRAND ST,JERSEY CITY,NJ,7302,2012090709,,,2/13/2015 9:47,,,Theo,Acquaye,36-a clarke avenue,Jersey city,NJ,7304,2012099840,,,3/9/2015 17:56,,,Lucinda,Estev,152 county ave,Secaucus,NJ,7094,2012102312,,,2/17/2015 17:33,,4/3/1975,Edgars,Abele,615 palisade ave #11,Cliffside park,NJ,7010,2012131317,,,3/3/2015 18:22,M,4/29/1956

G) 4th QUARTER / LATE 2014 LONG FORM DATABASES! 5.4 Million records available - complete with ALL necessary fields and info! ONLY $400! Not available anywhere else! We have acquired these personally from an up and coming new Publisher.

H) SPECIALTY DATABASES - the "Synthetic OPTIN" of the Email Marketing Industry! This is the CREAM of Email Marketing Data... this is what brings not only OPENS and CLICK-THRUS but more importantly SALES!!!      WHO couldn't use 100% VALID POWER-MTA sends and MANY OTHER SPECIALS ;-? ???

Data4marketers Inc. (  ;-)
Data4marketers Inc.
SPECIALTY DATABASES! Not available anywhere else! We have acquired these personally. *CLICK the shortened PICS to view the LARGE FULL SIZE PICS! 58K EMA...
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I) ALSO.... ask about specialty AUSTRALIA (*.AU ) Data4marketers Inc.  ( and BRAZIL (*.BR) Data4marketers Inc. ( databases!!!

Data4marketers Inc.
AUSTRALIA 5m - $500
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Data4marketers Inc.
BRAZIL 21m+ - $500 REACH 21+ Million Brazilian Consumers for just $500! Pick and choose your way through the B2B or Employment Data. There's certainly enou...
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"..GR1ND and $HINE w/the BEST !!!"

James Botkin, Owner Data4Marketers Inc., Cincinnati, OHIO
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-James Botkin
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